The Humble Side Project

Michael Seid on

Through out my career, I have always had side projects where I can play around and build to my own needs. Over the course of the last twelve months, I have explored on nights and weekends to build the application I have wanted to see exist. Usually, I take this time to learn a new technology or two. I'll share what I learned in future blog posts. I'm excited to introduce Familio, the private family platform.

As Social Media has devolved to algorithmic content, I have desired a platform where I can collect the information for my friends and family. A private place where my immediate family can curate Photo Albums, write newsletters sent directly via email to the people I care about, and collect the address information for all my contents. This active sharing is intentional, personal and direct. Familio is the family platform I have always wanted, and you can use it too!

I've launched this platform publicly so everyone can use it. Feel free to sign up today. Humbly, I ask for $5 dollars a month to support the platform. Even web hosting cost money. No selling data, no gimmicks, just a great service and top tier support. Thanks!

Thank you and I'm looking forward to sharing this project with you!

❤️ Mike